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Another image from my June trip to the Palouse.


Hasselblad H3D with 40MP back, 39-90mm HCD @90mm, 1/750 sec at f/7.1  hand held.

Cheers and happy ph0to’ing.

Palouse from the Air

Returned from Iceland with tons of images. I thought I would warm things up a bit with some images from the other side of the state.

Shooting from the air over the Palouse Region of Eastern Washington. Taken with a Hasselblad H5D40 with 35-90mm Lens, supported by Kenton 6×6 gyro stabilizer from a helicopter provided by Kiwi Air Tours.


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Oh No, Not Now

Guess what’s on my mind?
The earthquake swarm at Bárðarbunga volcano continues. Several hundred earthquakes have been detected since 03am yesterday morning. Since midnight today, most events cluster in two areas, east of Bárðarbunga and around Kistufell. The strongest events during the night were M3.4 at 02:52am and M3.5 at 06:21am SE of Kistufell.

Earthquake in Iceland

Today we shot sunrise at the black beach across from the Iceberg Lagoon. On site at 0345 am, what a wonderful treat the skies had for us. Although the sky only lasted for 10 minutes, we were in place and ready for the shot. After the skies finished their show, we continued to play at the beach for several hours, retuning to Gerdi about 0630. The things we do early in the morning…….. — at Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon.

The photography workshop and the results of the participants continues to simply amaze me.  The complexity and sheer beauty of this island is simply amazing and it is an island that I will most certainly return to.  I’m keeping my Facebook page reasonably up to date so be sure to check it out while I am in Iceland.  Look up Randy Hanna and Randy Hanna Photography on Facebook.  Here is another shot from the air during our flight.  Special thanks to Friðgeir Guðjónsson and Reykjavik Helicopters.  If you are in Iceland and want to see the Island from the air, use them.  These are great and Reyner was one of the best pilots that I have flown with; his personal knowledge of photography and understanding of light, made our flight a success.


Cheers from Iceland and happy photo’ing


World Lion Day

I’m currently in Iceland leading a photography workshop; however, it is World Lion Day and it would be a shame not to celebrate the majesty of lions.  Hats off to the lions of Africa…….._RWH1047-Edit


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Before the workshop started, 6 of us contracted for some very pricey air time.  I had spent nearly two months working with helicopter companies from Iceland trying to find a company that would meet our photography requirements.  I finally found ONE company that supported us with a doors off configuration.  Flying an Eurocopter A350, we configured the aircraft for full doors off on one side of the aircraft.  With two shooters on seats (on front and one back), I took up the most outer position setting on the floor (secured to the floor with a monkey strap) with my legs on the skids.  Although the wind was often a killer, I was able to obtain some simply wonderful images when we had light.  I shot with three cameras, Nikon D4 (24-70), D3x (70-200), and a Hasselblad H5D with a 35-90 zoom stabilized with a Kenyon 6×6 2 axis gyro stabilizer.  Yes, I used all of the cameras.

_ICE0905Off I go ready to shoot Iceland from the air.

_DSC1701-EditAmazing what I was able to obtain from the air when we had light.

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Tonight we hit the jackpot with a number of small iceburgs hitting the beach just outside of the lagoon as they started there way out to sea.  I never thought I would have so much fun with the artistic side of my photography.

20140731_Iceland_D3X_9154-Edit Nikon D3x, 70-200 f/2.8 Nikkor, ISO 100, 1/10 sec at f/5.6

20140731_Iceland_D3X_9167Nikon D3x, 70-200mm f/2.8 Nikkor @ 200, ISO 100, 1.6 sec at f/8.0. This image as taken here.

Rain Storm Pano

As we were driving from one shooting site to another, we saw this wonderful cloud formation in the distance.  The jeep came to a screaming halt and and everyone dismounted at more speed than folks running from a fire.  In no time we were set up across the street and shooting away.  The shoot below was a a 5 shot pano using a Really Right Stuff nodal rail.20140730_Iceland_H5D_9012Hasselblad H5D40, 35-90 HC @ 85mm, ISO 100, 1/60 sec @ f/14

Cheers and happy photo’ing


The Puffins

Today we spent the morning on an island photographing the puffins.  I hit a 99.9% failure rate shooting these missiles in the air so I starting photographing them just before they went onto their burrows to feed the young.  Images below were shot with a Nikon D4, auto ISO ranging between 800 and 3200.



20140731_Iceland_D4_1568Cheers and it is off the bed for another 0300 rise in the morning.

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